From the traditional artefacts of ancient cultures to the cutting-edge work of today's practitioners, South Africa's art museums and galleries offer visitors a rich artistic feast.

Day 1        Arrival in Johannesburg

Welcome to Johannesburg!  Upon arrival in Johannesburg in the morning, you are met at the airport and transferred to your hotel to freshen up before your wonderful tour of the area starts!

In the early afternoon you will be collected to visit exhibitions of great South African Art!  We will visit Warren Siebrits Contemporary Art Gallery - Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary Art was formally opened in August 2002 with the landmark exhibition States of Emergence, which investigated South African artists who used their works as a vehicle for political and social comment from 1960 to 1990. Since then the gallery has held many important solo and group exhibitions, most of which have been accompanied by a fully illustrated and researched catalogue, which provides context to each work and documents the exhibitions for future reference.

The gallery deals predominantly in works by Black Pioneers of South African Art including pivotal artist like Gerard Sekoto, Gerard Bhengu, George Pemba, John Mohl, Gladys Mgundlandlu, Dumile Feni, Julian Motau, Ephraim Ngatane, Durant Sihlali and the Rorke’s Drift School. The gallery also represents four contemporary South African artists – Jo Ractliffe, Konrad Welz, Stefanus Rademeyer and Gerhard Marx.

Afterwards visit the gallery of Kim Sacks - The Kim Sacks Gallery, in a lovely old home, has a superb collection of authentic African art. Displayed throughout its sunny rooms are Zairian raffia cloth, Mali mud cloth, Zulu telephone-wire baskets, wood sculptures, and original masks and carvings from across the continent. It's also a good place to find ceramic art.

The last stop for today is at the Goodman Gallery.  Established thirty-nine years ago, the Goodman Gallery’s primary goal was to encourage contemporary South African artists to exhibit, despite Apartheid. The policy of the Gallery was to foster the culture of the country despite despotic duress.

Today, the vision remains the same, but the methodology and philosophy are geared towards an engagement with the dynamic flux of our fledgling democracy, its newfound freedoms and challenges. In this context we have widened our avenues to encourage the participation of our artists in exhibitions around the world as well as at home. We believe it is essential for both the development of artistic talent and cultural consciousness that artists are afforded the opportunity to exhibit work to both local and global audiences.

Welcome Dinner at Moyo Restaurant at Melrose Arch. 

Set over five levels, moyo Melrose is linked by copper and rustic steel staircases; a passage way from one alcove or level to the next and around each corner a statuesque piece of art in testament to Africa’s riches.   Combining the levels like pieces of a puzzle is the thread of African music running through the air.  It creates the pulse, the rhythm, and adds to the soul; moyo…

Sporadic interaction of moyo performers at the table or fancy foot work from Puntsula dancers will have feet tapping and the vibe of a band on the stage will have everyone dance for more.

Winner of numerous awards moyo Melrose Arch continues to innovate and create a uniquely unexpected dining experience.

Overnight:    Melrose Arch                         Dinner, Bed

Day 2        Johannesburg

You will be collected this morning and depart on a day filled with various arts & crafts!  You will visit the African Craft Market in Rosebank - African Craft Market presents an exquisite selection of superior African crafts and artefacts, as well as a wide range of quality wares crafted with the local consumer in mind.

From African masks, clothing, ceramics, beaded dolls and jewellery to handcrafted home-wares and interior décor items.  Whether it's trinkets for a few Rand or collector's items in the thousands, your gift and décor emporium awaits you.

The Craft Market is followed by a visit to the Johannesburg Art Gallery.  This Edward Lutyens-designed building houses impressive collections of 17th century Dutch paintings, 18th and 19th century British and European art, 19th century South African works, a large contemporary collection of 20th century local and international art and a print cabinet containing works from the 15th century to the present. As a major focus of urban regeneration programmes, it provides the base for the Joubert Park Public Art Project and is developing links with awareness groups and community centres based in the surrounding urban area.

In the afternoon we will visit Museum Africa - This museum exhibits objects related to Johannesburg's labour history, culture, art, music and politics. It houses the Bensusan Museum of Photography and the Museum of South African Rock Art, as well as a geological collection. Temporary exhibition spaces host multidisciplinary festivals, contemporary art and student shows.

Return to the hotel in the late afternoon.

Dinner at the hotel. 

Overnight:     Melrose Arch                        Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

Day 3        Soweto

Shrouded in myth and controversy, vibrant Soweto is a city of surprise and contrast, of emerging enterprises and of vigorous cultural interaction. This morning takes in the biggest city in Southern Africa - steeped in apartheid history. 

Before we leave for Soweto, we visit the Apartheid Museum - After a few hours at the Apartheid Museum you will feel that you were in the townships in the '70s and '80s, dodging police bullets or teargas canisters, or marching and toyi-toyiing with thousands of school children, or carrying the body of a comrade into a nearby house.

This extraordinarily powerful museum, certain to become one of Johannesburg's most important tourist attractions, has become an obligatory stop for tourists and residents alike.

The Museum, with its large blown-up photographs, metal cages and numerous monitors recording continuous replays of apartheid scenes set in a double volume ceiling, concrete and red brick walls and grey concrete floor  

View the former home of Nelson Mandela as well as the houses of Winnie Mandela, Bishop Tutu.  See the millionaire mansions cheek by jowl with the tin shacks of the poor. 

We also visit the fascinating Hector Peterson Museum.  Hector Pieterson, age 13, was one the first students to be killed during the 1976 Student Uprising in Soweto. He has since become a symbol of youth resistance to apartheid. This uprising started on 16 June as a peaceful protest march organized by school students in Soweto. One of the main grievances was the introduction of Afrikaans, regarded as the language of the oppressor, as a medium of instruction in all African schools.

Afterwards, visit the Alfred Khumalo Photography Gallery - Kumalo started his career in 1951, as a freelancing journalist for Bantu World. Not having a photographer to accompany him on his stories, Kumalo started to teach himself what would soon become his esoteric talent. Today he owns the Alfred Kumalo Museum, a treasure in the middle of the winding streets of Soweto. Here he displays his life, a time-line of photographs portraying all of our collective history.  Each picture simply demands all your attention, passion and respect. The artistic grace, emotional intelligence and the self-application to his talent is clearly seen as he describes each one. Despite numerous arrests, harassment and detention Alfred continued to force the world to acknowledge reality of South African politics in the 1960’s. His recipe for success: “Being able to sneak photo’s” Believing determination brings reward and being a perfectionist in everything he attempts. Even if it meant scrubbing the kitchen floor as a young boy, or putting your camera in a vegetable bag in order to freeze frame police arresting Winnie Mandela outside her house.

Lunch at Wandies - At Wandies, notes of foreign currency, business cards of eminent personalities and signatures of tourists adorn the walls. As you walk through the door, the inviting smell of mutton curry fills your nostrils, and provokes your taste buds. The building is an ordinary Soweto house, extended and converted into a restaurant. Inside, three long tables, decorated with bright red, green and blue tablecloths, are set up with chairs upholstered in matching colours. A fish tank and a wine rack complete the décor. The tranquil atmosphere of the restaurant offers a retreat from the din outside.

Spend the following three nights at Ten Bompas.

Overnight:    Ten Bompas                        Lunch, Bed & Breakfast

Day 4        Pretoria

Pretoria today is a mix of ultra-modern architecture and stately old buildings dating from its days as the capital of the Transvaal Republic. It is a pretty city - its gardens and trees flourish in the fertile, well-watered soil of the Apies river valley - and springtime brings the spectacle of tens of thousands of flowering jacaranda trees. Visit the Union Buildings, Church Square, and the Voortrekker Monument.

The Voortrekker Monument is a massive granite structure that was built to commemorate the Great Trek of the Afrikaners that took place between 1835 and 1854 led by Piet Retief. It is located on the top of Monument Hill, which is visible from a number of locations in Pretoria.

At the centre of the monument is a red granite Cenotaph. An opening in the dome has been astronomically aligned such that at noon on the 16 December (the Day of the Covenant) the rays of the sun land upon the Cenotaph, lighting up the words, ""Ons vir jou, Suid-Afrika".

Lunch will be enjoyed at the Blue Crane Restaurant - The Blue Crane Restaurant, established in April 1997, is located on the waterfront of one of the lakes of the beautiful Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary. Its winning combination of fine food, friendly service and value for money mean that it's the ideal place for a memorable dining experience.

A scenic walk through the park adjacent to the Blue Crane will see you arrive at a wonderful collection of contemporary art, housed in the Pretoria Association of Arts' art gallery.

Overnight:     Ten Bompas                        Lunch, Bed & Breakfast

Day 5        Lesedi Cultural Tour

Depart the city and travel to nearby Lesedi Cultural Village where guests can share the excitement and warmth of true rural African culture. Lesedi African Lodge is a multi-cultural village set amongst the pristine bushveld and rocky hills less than an hour’s drive north of Johannesburg. Situated at Lesedi African Lodge are five traditional homesteads – the Zulus with their fighting sticks and cosy beehive huts, the Xhosa with their perfectly thatched rondawels and distinctive white blankets, the rhythmic drums and whistles of the Pedi tribe, the conical straw hats and thick, coloured blankets of the Basotho and the colourful homes of the Ndebele.

Families peacefully living their traditional lives inhabit each homestead at Lesedi. Additional huts for each village have been constructed in each homestead offering the unique opportunity of staying with a traditional rural African family – however, all home comforts have been catered for including cosy beds and beautiful en suite bathrooms with showers.

Lesedi is a Sotho word that means, “LIGHT”. It was made famous by the great leader and founder of the Southern Sotho Nation, Moshoeshoe. During the terrible Mfecane wars, refugees from many nations joined him and were saved by him.

Overnight:    Ten Bompas                        Lunch, Bed & Breakfast

Day 6        Madikwe Game Reserve

Today you will be collected from your hotel and transferred to O.R Tambo International Airport for your flight to the Madikwe Game Reserve.

The Mateya Safari Lodge is situated in the spectacular 75,000 hectare Malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve.

The reserve is characterized by extensive plains which slope in a north-easterly and easterly direction towards the Marico River. The Dwarsberg Mountain Range forms the reserve’s southern boundary, and the Tweedepoort Escarpment forms the dividing line between the reserve’s northern and southern sections, rising to 1328m at Tshwene-Tshwene.   The Madikwe Reserve is located in a Malaria-free area of the North West Province.

Lingering flavours of the palate may be sampled from the extensive assortment of wines housed in the cool atmosphere of the Mateya Cellar.  An impressive collection of both esteemed local and rare French wines and champagnes make up the cellar’s 8 000 bottles of indulgence that lie chaste, waiting to be hand picked by Mateya guests as an accompaniment to their dining. Our brandy and cigar corner is the perfect conclusion to a pristine Mateya dining experience.

Overnight:     Mateya Safari Lodge                    Full Board & Game Activity

Day 7        Madikwe Game Reserve

Early morning game drive followed by breakfast.

It was Simonides who said, "Painting is silent poetry.” Today, taking a stroll through the lodge, guests can marvel at one of the world’s finest collections of African art, embodying the spirit of the continent and reflecting a plethora of cultures and artistic traditions.

Exhibiting a range of techniques, from majestic oils to life-size bronze sculptures, each piece in the Mateya collection has been individually selected for its unique and enduring appeal.

An artist experiences the world through emotions and thoughts that once rendered inspire others to feel and think in new ways. Sitting in the plush comfort of the lounge, recounting the day’s wildlife excursion, glinting in the corner of your eye the sculpture of a lioness taking a leaping impala might hint at tomorrow’s promise, and suddenly a twinkle of excitement dances in your smile.

Enjoy all the activities that the lodge has to offer.

Overnight:     Mateya Safari Lodge                    Full Board & 2 Game Activities daily

Day 8        Sabi Sand Game Reserve

This morning board a flight from Madikwe Game Reserve to Johannesburg and connect to a flight to Londolozi Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve.

Tree Camp is a double dose of glamour. This magnificent camp embodies the very essence of Londolozi - redefining the safari experience by continually transcending guest expectations.

This is a place of connoisseurship, leopards, orchids, lanterns and Leadwood. Guests recline in the evening on the sunset decks, champagne in hand as they survey the distant koppies.

Elegance and perfect simplicity are the hallmarks of the Tree Camp sanctuaries.

In every detail and feature, from the private swimming pools and contemplation decks (Salas), to the Ralph Lauren wallpaper and chocolate coloured plaited-leather beds, this exclusive camp provides a matchless showcase of African safari excellence.

Overnight:    Londolozi – Tree Camp                Full Board & 2 Game Activities daily

Day 9        Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Enjoy lodge activities.

All activities at Londolozi are geared for personalisation and customisation, ensuring that every guest is able to enjoy their optimal balance of rest and play.

At Londolozi each day is a new adventure and here are just some of the experiences on offer.

Game Drives

Londolozi has arguably the best game viewing in all the Sabi Sands. There are two scheduled drives – dawn and dusk – at the best times to view game on the move.

Interpretive walks

Exploring on foot (in the company of a ranger) is really encouraged as a means of truly engaging in the natural environment. You could consider setting out on a daylong trail or a shorter bush walk.

Londolozi Life

The activities offered at Londolozi Life – are designed to reflect and harmonise with the rhythms and cycles of nature. Londolozi Life offers the means of creating balance – in body, mind and soul – through the understanding that living in nature promotes healing and harmony. Essentially this means that we cater for you mind, body and spirit through carefully selected exercises and therapies.


A wide collection of books, magazines and board games are available for you to enjoy while staying with us.

Jon Varty cinematography centre

Furthering our philosophy of exploration is the John Varty cinematography centre, situated in one of the original rondavels from the Sparta hunting camp. Films related to the environment and emerging global trends are screened on a daily basis at the centre. These films and the supporting literature are the small contribution that Londolozi makes to raising individual consciousness and stoking the debate on some of the world’s thorniest issues.

Shangaan cultural experience

Just a short walk from your camp is the staff village and model Shangaan Cultural Village. The village is a thriving community with many families having lived here for over thirties years. Activities in the staff village include visiting the crèche, adult learning centre, clinic, and design and craft centre.

At the Shangaan Cultural Village, which honours a past history and rich culture, you are invited to contemplate the sustainability of our modern civilization against the wisdom and sustainability of ancient cultures.

Overnight:    Londolozi – Tree Camp                Full Board & 2 Game Activities daily

Day 10        Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Untamed, spectacular and pulsing with the deep rhythm of the African bushveld, Londolozi is the quintessential experience of planet’s wildlands and animals.

Newly refurbished and exclusively family run, the learning of four generations and thirty years of ecotourism operations has now been distilled into a singular state; a transcendent bushveld experience.

Your hosts, the Varty family, have created a sanctuary of experiential and meditative luxury in the heart of the Sabi Sands Reserve. Spectacular game viewing and exceptional leopard sightings are commonplace in this rich wild wonderland.

No two days are the same at Londolozi and every experience is tailor-made – so that the spoils of your personal journey of exploration are the ultimate safari souvenirs.

Overnight:     Londolozi – Tree Camp                Full Board & 2 Game Activities daily

Day 11        A fond farewell…

Today we wish you a fond farewell as you are collected from the lodge and taken to the airstrip for your flight to Johannesburg. 

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The Madikwe Game Reserve is a malaria free region.

Visitors are advised that the Kruger National Park and adjoining areas fall within the malaria zone, and precautionary measures should be taken when entering this region. 

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  • Duration: 11 Days
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